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United Nations Winter Youth Assembly 2018

Prepared by: Timothy Wong & Yaya Norazman


From 14 to 16 February 2018, we attended the Youth Assembly at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City, United States of America. We had the honour of representing Malaysia at the Assembly along with 2 other delegates who are from University of Malaya and Maktab Rendah Sains MARA respectively. The Youth Assembly is a gathering of youths from around the world to share and learn from each other. With a global population of over 1.8 billion people, youth are the world’s greatest untapped resource, possessing the talents and ambition to overcome society’s biggest challenges.

Organized with the theme of ‘Innovation and Collaboration for a Sustainable World’, the 21st session of the Youth Assembly is a forum to open up new pathways for cooperation and social entrepreneurship, while harnessing the creativity and energy of youth delegates for global impact. In alignment with the upcoming 2018 High Level Political Forum, the conference focused on the environmental dimensions of the 2030 Agenda, particularly Goals 6, 7, 11, 12, and 15.

The youths are particularly impacted by environmental degradation and climate change, which disrupt economic stability, compound gender and social inequalities, and threaten peace and security. To address these interconnected and mounting problems, young people must be equipped with the skills and tools to develop forward-thinking solutions that can have a positive impact for generations to come.

In this very spirit, the 2018 Winter Youth Assembly aimed to strengthen collaborative networks and foster innovation to enable youth to engage in the global sustainability movement, as well as to consider critically how cross-cutting issues can be addressed through international cooperation. With an emphasis on building inter-generational and cross-sector partnerships, the conference brought delegates from over 100 countries together in conversation with representatives from the public sector, industry, faith-based organizations, philanthropy, academia, and civil society.

The opening ceremony was held in the General Assembly Hall and started at 7.30PM. In attendance were UN high-level officials, namely:

– H.E. Mr. Miroslav Lajčák, President of the 72nd Session of the United Nations General Assembly,
– H.E. Mr. Jan Kickert, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Austria to the UN,
– H.E. Mr. Sukhbold Sukhee, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Mongolia to the UN,
– H.E. Mr. Richard Galbavy, Ambassador and Deputy Permanent Representative of the Slovak Republic to the UN, and
– H.E. Ms. Simona-Mirela Miculescu, Representative of the UN Secretary-General and Head of UN Office in Belgrade / Youth Assembly Honorary Chair.

The presence of these dignitaries added to the sense of importance the UN placed on ensuring the voices of the youth were heard, not to mention the pomp and circumstance that came with attending a United Nations conference.
In consultations with technical experts on water and sanitation, clean energy, urban development, green consumption and production, and biodiversity, we had the opportunity to explore these topics from new perspectives and gain insight into challenges that face the international sustainability movement. Workshops and training sessions with activists and civil society groups also offered a chance to develop entrepreneurial skills and hone talent in advocacy and organizing.

One can’t help but to ask: In the abundance of international organisations providing platforms for young leaders to brainstorm and tackle global issues, what makes the Youth Assembly stand out? To us, it is how every forum was strategically designed to encourage 2-way dialogue, although time-restriction was a massive obstacle. Throughout the session entitled Smart Cities: Tech for Development, open-ended questions were thrown in the air by the panelists as an effort to stimulate independent discussions amongst the crowd. How are humanitarian agenda and innovation for sustainability connected? and How do we use data for empowerment? were among the questions asked and left the room to decide on the best answers. We made contact with one of the panelists, Regine Guevara, who is currently part of UN Habitat Youth. She has previously worked and studied in Malaysia and indicated that she was interested to work with us in the areas of urban development.

In another session, the topic was Innovation and Technology for the SDGs. This session was conducted by PwC. It was a popular session amongst the delegates and the room was packed to the doors. We discussed the impact on technology in enabling the SDGs to be achieved and how it complemented and accelerated the process of achieving the goals. We also tried out virtual-reality prototypes, that gave an insight into how technology could help humankind. As for innovation, the session focused on start-ups and social enterprises that have taken steps to integrate technology in their solutions.

It is worth noting that the conference, however, did not breeze through without a hiccup in the process. Perhaps the biggest flaw in the assembly is the disconnect in the regional narratives offered by the panelists, particularly during Q&A sessions. For delegates who are either Asian or African, many of the proposed solutions to their questions simply do not run parallel to how the demographics or governing systems in these regions work. While much improvisation is due for the aforementioned matter, it undoubtedly gave us a broader perspective on the importance of inclusiveness within a cross-cultural context.

Apart from the conference, we also took the opportunity to call on the Malaysian Permanent Mission to the UN. We met with the mission’s First Secretary, Miss Nurul Syaza Azlisha and had a short discussion on our objectives post-conference and how best we could collaborate with the mission in the future. This could open a pathway for UNAM Youth to have stronger links with our Foreign Affairs Ministry.

Ultimately, our participation in the Youth Assembly was a wholesome experience especially in terms of exposure. We are grateful to be given the chance to bring young Malaysians’ voice to the iconic General Assembly hall, at the same time learning so much from the conference and the people we networked with. Here’s to more youth development opportunities in the future, for the greater good of our beloved Malaysia.

UNAM’s Biennial Prime Minister Dinner 2017

Prepared by: Afif Ridhwan Roslan
Photos by: Mirzan Mustafa Kamal

The 2017 UNAM Prime Minister Biennial Dinner was an auspicious gala dinner that was hosted on the 30th of October at Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur. The fundraising dinner entertained various corporate figures, diplomats, public leaders and our very own UNAM Youth members.

Two of our members looking spiffy

We began the evening with a meeting led by Arfan Othman, where he briefed us on our tasks for the night prior to the dinner. The role played by UNAM Youth in this dinner was subtle, but pertinent. We handled the ushering of guests and registration of media.

Registration staff ready for duty

The dinner began with pre-drinks by the foyer of the Sapphire Room. As drinks were served, so were smiles as guests enjoyed the company of each other. UNAM Youth members did not miss out on the opportunity, as we mingled amongst ourselves, some of us did so with their partners they brought along for the dinner.

After pre-drinks, everyone was seated in the Sapphire Room, while UNAM Youth Members and Dato’ Zainal Abidin await the presence of the Prime Minister, Dato’ Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak. As the Prime Minister arrived, so did the cocassion begin.

The dinner began with an address from Tan Sri Razali, who commented on the need for moderation to prevent rising extremist sentiments within the nation. He recalled several UN missions of the past where moderation was crucial towards the success of these missions. The author recalls Tan Sri Razali leading the UN envoy to Myanmar to negotiate the release of Aung Suu Kyi from house arrest.

As food was served, so a string quartet accompanied the dinner. From classical arrangements to covers of contemporary local songs, the ambience of the room was magnificent.

Of course, the highlight of the dinner was the speech from the Prime Minister himself. On the topic of governance, Prime Minister Najib Razak began by highlighting the achievements of Malaysia in terms of economy and security. Prime Minister Najib noted Malaysia and China’s recent partnership as a prosperous one, and Malaysia is in the time of prosperity.

Moving forward, Prime Minister Najib Razak highlighted the coming of fake news within the Malaysian media circle. Noting statements made by a “former leader”, according to the PM, the PM mentioned that Malaysia is not as corrupted as claimed by the former leader, citing a statistic from an international organisation. The author would note that the World Audit ranks Malaysia as the 44th country in their Corruption Rank table, and 55 on the Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index.

The dinner soon ended following the closing remarks of the Prime Minister. Guests enjoyed their time and UNAM Youth, the committee and volunteers both, had a great time mingling with Governing Council members. The dinner ended at 11 PM.

Timothy and Yaya, President and Deputy President of UNAM Youth with the Prime Minister

The Grand 72nd UN Day at JW Marriott

The United Nations was founded in 1945 with the hopes of bringing peace, security, human rights and development. To celebrate the 72nd anniversary of its founding, the UN Country Team in Malaysia organized a celebratory event at the JW Marriott hotel in Kuala Lumpur. UNAM Youth members were invited to attend this special event.

The day was filled with speeches from various influential figures. Stefan Priesner, the United Nations Representative in Malaysia spoke on the UN and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) being the driving force behind it. Malaysia was congratulated for its proactiveness and forward thinking in taking strides towards achieving the SDGs. We would like to note that this is largely due to Malaysia’s strife in incorporating SDGs into the Transformasi Nasional 2050 plan, of which the most recent incorporation was the TN50xSDGs huddle held at Sunway University (Tan Kian Leong wrote a brilliant piece on this that can be found here). That said, Mr. Priesner emphasised that the pace can and should be accelerated, a view shared with the current Sec-Gen of UN, Antonio Guterres

The Guest of Honour, Datuk Seri Abdul Rahman Dahlan, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department elaborated on Malaysia’s efforts towards realising SDGs, and the enactment of legislations to achieve these goals. Datuk Seri further highlighted that the UN is of pertinence in Malaysia, noting that three UN bodies have their Regional Headquarters here.

UN Malaysia Awards 2017 followed thereafter. We congratulate PACOS Trust, Zero Waste Malaysia and Datuk Dr. Denison Jayasooria for receiving the award. PACOS Trust is an NGO that engages in the social work of empowering indigenous peoples of Sabah. Zero Waste Malaysia is a community-focused NGO focused on sustainable and zero-waste living. Datuk Dr. Denison Jayasooria is an academician, hailing from University Kebangsaan Malaysia, who has wrote several papers on analysing and recommending policies based on sustainable development challenges in Malaysia.

The UN Day ended with high-tea in the Grand Ballroom.

Prepared by: Afif Ridhwan Roslan and Timothy Wong

For UN Malaysia’s official report:



By Wan Arfan Wan Othman

Over the summer I was blessed to be able to attend the Young Diplomats Forum (YDF). An intensive week long programme of practical sessions, workshops, policy exercises and institutional visits delivered by world leading experts. Set up to recognise, enhance and develop the next generation of diplomats.

YDF London 2017 Delegation

The forum held in London, United Kingdom with participation of more than 90 delegates from all walks of life and backgrounds. I had the pleasure to meet diplomatic staff, international relation students and even lecturers who were all there to learn on the diplomacy on the 21st century.

The main objective of the forum was to come up with a policy idea on the given topic. The topic my group was assigned was Management of the South China Sea. The others consisted of UN Reform, Post ISIS Middle East, Regional Integration in the African Continent, and the Future of the EU. By end of the week we came up with a working group one very similar to the Arctic Council. It’s main objective is that this working group will consist of the countries involved in the South China Sea crisis and discuss on a mutual topic. The sole purpose of this policy is to get the nations involved in the crisis to sit down and talk. Therefore this working group will focus on an agenda that everyone agrees on, such as environment and climate change, which will get all the parties to be in consensus. From there on this working group can also discuss other issues in the region and specifically on the Management of the South China Sea.

Over the course of the week there were plenty of activities involved that led up to our policy idea. There were many speakers that we had the chance to listen and apply in our thought process. The forum was addressed with a keynote speech on the topic “Diplomacy in the 21st Century” by Lord Hannay, Former Ambassador of the UK to the UN.

Lord Hannay, Former UK Ambassador to the UN and member of House of Lords

Then we went to the European Union Representation where we had a fruitful discussion on Brexit. Few blocks away we then had the opportunity to meet Her Excellency Patricia Scotland the Secretary General of the Commonwealth of Nations at Marlborough House. She enlightened us with the developments and works of the Commonwealth of Nations secretariat. Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) the think tank for the British Government that focuses on defence and national security, taught us the procedures on how they research for policy makers to implement in foreign policies.

HE Patricia Scotland, Secretary General of the Commonwealth of Nations

Lastly we visited the Facebook Headquarters of Europe, Middle East, Africa. Where we had a session with the Head of Government & Policy, Sean Evins and discussed how he helps heads of governments and governmental institutions to maximize their capability using the social media platform to promote their policies. With the recent British Elections he talked about the steps he took to help the leaders throughout the period and the importance of digital platform.

Sean Evins, Head of Government & Politics of Facebook EMEA Headquarters

The forum would not be complete without a visit to the Houses of Parliament where we had a session with the Members of House of Lords, Lord Anderson and Baroness Smith, and Member of House of Commons, Daniel Kawczynski on U.K. Foreign Policy Priorities and Parliamentary Diplomacy.

Members of House of Lords, Lord Anderson (Second from Left) and Baroness Smith (Second from Right), and Member of House of Commons, Daniel Kawczynski (Right) discussing on U.K. Foreign Policy Priorities and Parliamentary Diplomacy at the House of Lords, Parliament House
Group Policy Presentation

Not to forget the trip was thrilled with fun activities such as climbing the O2 Arena, sightseeing the prominent locations of London at Westminster, Cutty Sark, Greenwich Meridian Line, and the Old Royal Naval College also known as University of Greenwich.

Closing Ceremony

The forum as a whole was a satisfying experience which I encourage all aspiring diplomats to go for this forum in the future because it was worthwhile through the knowledge gained and friendships made.


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    UNAM-MUN League Updates

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    Youth Volunteering Innovation Challenge

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    UNAM Youth Election 2017: Calling for Nominations

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