UNAM-MUN League Updates

A very warm welcome to each and every one of you individuals who have taken the time out of your days to read this blog post! As you may already know, the UNAM-MUN Task Force has been putting the League as well as a lot of the core ideals of the Task Force through a lot of rigorous and structural change in recent weeks. new balance 1300 femme Following the introduction of the UNAM-MUN League and Monash Model United Nations International Conference, we received a vast amount of feedback and concerns from the Malaysian MUN community at large. Matthew Stafford UGA Jersey Based on the comments and input from the community in the comment sections, town hall session, and the first official UNAM-MUN League Report, we felt that it would be appropriate to get up to speed in terms of the changes, progress and direction that our collective efforts have led us towards. League Changes Summary To summarise the changes that we have made to the UNAM-MUN League and Task Force, we began with making some crucial changes with the chair rating system that we have implemented. To highlight them, co-chairs are now an integral part of the system, as well as the presence of a significant emphasis on qualitative and quantitative feedback that will be relayed back to the dais of the recognised conference. Adam Wainwright Jersey Furthermore, thanks to contributions made by Ethan Wong, the judging criteria for the MyChairs system have been amended according to suggestions and feedback provided by Malaysian MUNers. Robert Griffin III Baylor Jerseys The League criteria for Chartered or “Verified” Chairs have also been tweaked and adapted to encompass the myriad of concerns represented by MUNers. New Balance 247 męskie In short, Chairs and Co-Chairs will no longer be ranked according to an aggregate score, but will rather receive an average score across all partner conferences attended. The intention of the League Chair table has also migrated from a ranking system to a recognition system that displays the top 25% of Verified UNAM Chairs with their consent. baskets ASICS Moreover, we are elated to announce that the UNAM-MUN League is now accepting applications from non-partner conferences to collaborate with us in an effort to promote inclusivity. This means that any and all conferences will have the ability and opportunity to sign up and apply to join the League, should their application get accepted. New Balance 446 damskie Applications will be overseen and evaluated on a case by case basis to ensure that conferences are considered with care and attention. goedkoop air max 2017 We would like to encourage conferences of all backgrounds and nature to sign up in an effort to make our resources accessible to all! Last but not least, individuals who do not wish to take part in the UNAM-MUN League for any given reason have the option to opt out of participation at any point in time; this means that all public scores will be removed from public scrutiny. However, it is important to note that the act of opting out manifests itself as an indication that you would no longer like to be eligible for the selection of Team Malaysia-UNAM come 2018. Additionally, if you are a chair who has opted out of UNAM-MUN League participation, your scores will remain tabulated in our private database, which will not be discloses to the public in any degree. Moving Forward To conclude this post, we would like to personally thank all the individuals that have aided us in our efforts to provide a sustainable, efficient and effective platform for Malaysian MUNers to thrive in; this includes all who commented, posted and contributed towards our town hall and posts, as well as the individuals that took the time out of their days to improve and adapt our approaches at our very first official UNAM-MUN Task Force Meeting this month. We would like to remind you that we couldn’t have come this far without the community, and that we highly recommend that you continue to put forward your input regarding the UNAM-MUN League as well as our other UNAM affiliated initiatives.

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  • It is absolutely invaluable to us, and we look forward to collaborating and working closely with the Malaysian MUN community as a whole.

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